Sep 052013

Interesting wind directions – 235 near Goat Island, 245 – 260 near Dumplings before racing.

Set up north of South Bay Mark 6 with course 86  x 2 and line bearing 141 deg. Wind speed 14 kts Great start with good spread all down line – wind went right exactly at start so that first mark was exactly upwind instead of slightly offset to right to account for incoming current. Boats played current on down wind leg initially but the wind went to 260 for a mostly port tack run.  At leeward mark “8” the second windward mark changed to “Z” for 260 breeze.

17 made a huge gain by sailing all along Goat Island shore before tacking across to Jamestown. Three boats failed to honor the small green can off Rose Island, recognized their mistake and set spinnakers to correct their error. (S.I. # 20) Wind down to 9-10 kts at finish but a great evening’s racing on the Bay with a couple of very close finishes.

Bill O’Hanley will be P.R.O. next week.


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Robin Wallace

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