Apr 262017

Dear Sail Newport Sailors, Hoist and Storage Customers,

We are so excited for you all to see the progress with the North Dry-Sail Storage area, the relocation of the Gin Pole, revised access to the Admirals Pier and hoists, and of course the new building!

Some timing and access issues for the period Tuesday, April 25th – Tuesday, May 2nd….

The Mast Hoist / Gin Pole has been relocated to the NW Corner of the South Parking Lot. It is now open for business for stepping rigs.

Due to the paving project in the Admiral’s Pier and North Dry-Sail yard being delayed by weather until Monday May 1st, the ADMIRAL’S PIER (2 & 3 Ton Hoists) ACCESS IS CLOSED from 4/25 -5/2. Access to the pier will be available again beginning Wednesday May 3rd. Hoist hours are 8:00 am – 6 pm unless by appointment.

TRANSIENT STORAGE: Given the unexpected delay, we are grateful that the DEM Park Staff have worked with us to allow limited sailboat storage in the South/Upper Parking lot IF YOU HAVE NO ALTERNATIVE (remember, we share the park with a lot of different users and there’s a big rugby tournament this weekend, so space will be tight!). PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU INTEND TO LEAVE YOUR BOAT. Boats/trailers that are still in the lot beginning Wednesday, May 4th will be subject to the transient storage rates (ie $39 per day Shields).

All boats are welcome to come down and use the Gin Pole and store their boats in the South/Upper Parking Lot over this weekend. There is a rugby tournament, so it will be busy but access to the Gin Pole will be available. PLEASE KEEP BOATS IN THE UPPER/BACK 2 PARKING ROWS (follow signage) so that park visitors can utilize the lower rows for car parking.

Thank you all for your understanding during the construction of YOUR new sailing center!

Team Sail Newport!

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