Aug 032016

The conditions 12 to 14 knots from Southwest. There was a 15° Windshift right before the start, with any boats towards the pin end having the best starts of all.  We took advantage of this and quickly tacked crossing the fleet of boats that started near the RC Boat. We raced for the pin at about 2mins and managed to start mid line and tack for better ride on the right. 254, 107, 74 & 226 were all in the hunt on the first downwind. 254 solidifying a handy lead with a pack of three or four surfing each other’s quarter wake trying to find a tactical advantage to the mark. The second upwind we managed to get to the right of 254 and laid the top mark to take a slender lead. The boats in 2nd and 3rd had to pinch for the mark giving us a good lead before heading to the yellow inflatable off the Navy base.  Here we decided deeper was faster pointing the boat directly into the current eventhough the mark was a starboard reach.  After defending our lead we rounded the leeward mark and fought off a challenge from the ever graceful Grace and held on for a happy win. Hard earned in an always competitive fleet.


Ted Slee & Andy Green

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