Jul 262016

Here’s the Report from 258

The Start

After the general recall, we moved down the line, away from the pack, and started mid-boat. At about 20 seconds to the gun we realized we were racing due to the flooding tide and seemed to still be a bit late to the line but a boat length ahead of the boats around us. We felt good about this position as we were able to be full speed off the line, still receiving the right shifts off our shoulder, and sailing into max pressure coming course middle/mid-left.

Off the line, we were able to hold our position on starboard and continue sailing in max breeze. We held for the majority of the first half, and kept an eye on the bottom right corner (boats that had tacked out right early on). Those boats had a better starboard angle, but we were sailing for pressure, as pressure differences seemed to be more diverse. When the small pack of boats to leeward tacked onto port, we knew that we wanted to lead back right to consolidate with the right-most pack, but were patient in waiting for either a nice puff or a bit of a lefty (which only came shy of the bridge).

For the top half, we were more middle-course. There was a current line mid-left that we played with as it provided a bit of positive chop. We also began tacking on the edge of the shiftier puffs by Jamestown, rather than digging into them, as they were shorter blasts. Generally, we erred towards mid-left of the course because the pressure seemed to be more consistent. We switched focus to the small shifts accessible to us (even when other boats were on the edges sailing with better angles) focusing on boat speed through the transitions — especially those short winders!

The Run
We knew that we wanted to get back out into the current after rounding the can in jamestown harbor and with the course change to just off the war college it made the run pretty simple. We extended on starboard back into the channel and once we were on lay for the next mark, gybed. There were a couple boats that made significant gains on the run bringing the puffs down but we knew if we could keep a couple boat length lead that we could extend covering on the next beat.

2nd Beat
After rounding the bottom mark we wanted to go left as well as control the boats behind us. Luckily everyone else had the same idea. We tacked onto starboard when everybody else did and beat up towards the bridge. A small righty helped our cause. Once we got to the bridge we were solidly in 1st and wanted to stay there. We did what we had done on the first beat and kept left away from the Jamestown harbor. I think this paid more because we had more wind on that side and possibly some “good” current giving us an artificial lift.

All in all there was nothing but good vibes and beers on 258. Big thanks to the Race Committee and the crew Bob Savoie, Katia Dasilva, and Ben Wilkinson. We have been changing crew weekly so this was the first time the four of us had all sailed together. We look forward to seeing everyone next week!

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