Aug 052014

Sail #  R1  R2  R3   Total  Position

226     1       1       1       3       1

15      3       2       2       7       2

160     2       4       4       10      3

245     4       3       3       10      4

203     5       5       5       15      5



Feb 182014

You are invited to join us Wednesday night, April 2 at the Narragansett Shipwrights at 6:00 pm.  Here’s another opportunity to shake off the winter blues and see the new location for one of our fleet member’s business. Mike will provide the beer and the fleet will supply some snacks, see you all there.  The address is 122 Connell Highway Unit 5, Across from UHaul.

Aug 312013

Cocktails begin at 6:00pm

Annual Meeting Promptly at 6:15pm

Awards Ceremony at 6:45pm

Dinner at 7:00pm

$60/pp (Due at event)

Cash Bar

Jacket and Tie (NO Denim allowed)

 RSVP by October 23rd to: and include the Sail # and number of persons in party (each boat will be responsible for the number that you reserve).

Space is limited so sign up now!

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May 252013

Race notes: 5-22-13

The operative word of the night was:   CURRENT!

To elaborate:

Started at pin end.

Boat end favored by 10-12 degrees, but lots of adverse current. Pin end had half the current and was closer to even more current relief on the left.

Windward mark jibe set spinnaker.

Big positive current deep left (facing downwind) sail high angle to bottom mark.  Jibe 5 or so lengths after layline and sail high angle to jibe around leeward mark in first place.

Repeat first windward leg strategy.

Jibe set at 2nd windward mark.

Repeat first downwind leg strategy.

…and on to the finish.

We were not the fastest boat that evening but we had the best current advantage.

Great to get a race in considering the foggy conditions, especially after missing the previous week with too much breeze. Thanks to the RC.

Team 74

May 312012

Very  little breeze on the Bay when I arrived at ILYC at 4 pm – below 5 kts. RC signaled a postponement at dock. (the flag pole yardarm collapsed on Tuesday so we had no way to signal AP there!) Navy YC phoned to update them with actions.
Underway about 4:45 .
Lime Rock in mid channel half way to Hammersmith reported 220 at 3.5 kts
By 5 pm we had 215  at 4-5 kts – outgoing current building so AP over A at about 5:16 pm.
Rose Island recorded average of 6 to 4 kts (“gust of 7 kts x 2!) between 5 and 7 pm with winds from 220 to 170 and then back. Wind had died by 7:30
Some Shields stayed out and sailed around quite nicely to windward but down wind was not so good.
Back at the Club most seemed to agree that it would have been a poor race and supported decision to” postpone to another day”.

Robin Wallace  401 847 1615 (h&f)401 862 5440 (cell)
Skype: robinw36
Please support RI Public Radio – 88.1, 91.5 102.7 FM &

Brenton Cove at 7:30

May 242012

Hello Fleet 9!

The first Wednesday of the 2012 season was a great one for the crew of Maverick #33.  We were fortunate to have a member of the US Paralympics Sailing Team aboard whose spirit was definitely the boost that helped us.

Once the race course was posted we, like many boats decided that middle to pin end of the line was the best.  Unfortunately we were all a little early.

The second start showed a reset line that favored the boat end but decided to go for the pin again and favor the left side of the course.  We found success in coming off the line at full speed, in phase and in point mode.  As luck would have it, when we needed to tack from Goat Island we were able to cross the bows of the boats that previously to windward of us.

Once we rounded the windward mark our tactics went from winning to defending.  226 and 254 were certainly hunting us down and were doing very well.  We favored the center downwind trying to sail by the lee as much as possible finding good speed.  After rounding the leeward mark we sailed the same way up wind as the first.

Rounding the mark as the fog set in certainly made the next leg of the race fun and interesting.  Historically Maverick loves the fog for it seems to be the only condition we are victorious in.

I know that the crew of Maverick would like to thank the Ida Lewis Race Committee for running a great race and getting the 2012 Season underway.


Good Luck this season!


The Crew of Maverick #33


Apr 062012

Registration is available online by clicking here or finding under the Racing Documents menu. Dues are Payable no later than May 9, 2012 (Noon).
Thereafter a LATE FEE of $50 will be enforced. You can pay online using PayPal (you don’t have to have an account to use your credit card) or you can mail in a check after submitting your registration form online.