Oct 162015

The Shields Fleet 9 Nominating Committee have submitted this slate of officers for the 2016 Season for the Fleet Owner’s approval at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Captain – Ted Slee

XO – Tom Rich

Secretary – Kurt Edenbach

Treasurer – Ron Oard

At Large – Bill Doyle


Respectfully Submitted,

John Burnham, Jay Gowell & Jamie Hilton

Apr 272015

The lifts will be unavailable during the VOR Stopover, please see this excerpt of a memo from Vinnie at SailNewport:

-We highly recommend that you try to launch your vessels before May 5 (or after the 18th).  Once the village is open, entrance to the park and parking vehicles will be a similar procedure to what you would expect on Folk Festival or Jazz Festival weekends.

-If you are unable to plan outside of those dates, please plan accordingly.  Bring enough people that the vehicle and trailer can go away as soon as you splash.  We may not be able to accommodate even short-term parking for vehicles and trailers.

Thursday May 14 through Sunday May 17 will be the Pro-AMs, In-Port, and Leg Restart Days.  You should absolutely plan to commission outside of these dates, with the expectation that traffic and parking will be something similar to a Patriots game if the Pats only had one narrow road leading to Gillette.

Aug 052014

Sail #  R1  R2  R3   Total  Position

226     1       1       1       3       1

15      3       2       2       7       2

160     2       4       4       10      3

245     4       3       3       10      4

203     5       5       5       15      5



Apr 152014

we have migrated to a new mailing list, which will save the fleet some money.  we have copied over the old list, but it won’t take more than 27 seconds to re-enter your name and email to make sure we have everyone’s current email address for fleet communications.


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Apr 142014

From the Fleet 9 Measurers:

With the season fast approaching, it is important to contact Mike Vellucci to schedule measurement of your boat prior to launch if you have had any work done over the course of the winter or if you have had work done since the last time the boat was measured. The areas of most importance are the hull, deck, rudder and keel.

Also if you have purchased new sails, be sure to contact our sail measurer, Tim Healey and log the information on the class website under the Sail Inventory Registry link.